About Us

Twinning is an original, fresh and bold take on the world of fashion.

Inspired by a global phenomenon that’s centered around matching style with souls you love, Twinning is a unique concept, model and experience that instantly stands out from an overcrowded online fashion space.

Today’s fashion incumbents all focus on a single dimension - style - for the single customer through single-product shopping. Twinning turns that on its head by introducing love and fun into the mix through true look-based, multi-product shopping that entire families and friends can enjoy.

Millions of families and friends are already twinning and our goal is to build an insanely great experience for them to discover, shop and enjoy matching style like never before.

Our Address:

Our Space office, Room 211, 2nd floor, Lamborghini Dubai Building, Exit 41, Sheikh Zayed Road, PO Box 282184, Dubai, UAE.

www.twinning.com is owned and managed by Matching General Trading LLC.

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